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    The lovely looking web-site means nothing if it's not marketed in the right way. Simply put, people need to find you. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are just a couple of ways to do this. SEO takes a little longer, but done right the impact can be HUGE. PPC is more instant and can deliver leads right away, but combined together can be an unstoppable force for your business.

    Here is just a sample of things we can do for you!

    • • Keyword research and identification of specific keywords and phrases
    • • Proper development and implementation of keywords and Meta tags
    • • HTML code editing for optimization
    • • Website content editing for optimization
    • • Complete Sitemap configuration and submissions
    • • Link building with other companies of a similar nature
    • • Positioning reports on a bi-monthly basis after completion for up to 90 days

  • How to Rank High In Google.

    Right now, Google is still the most powerful and important website on the Internet. The vast majority of all searches begin with Google...literally 63% of all search queries in Canada and the United States. ** WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? ** This means that if somebody wants to do business with you, they will probably Google to get information, and you want to make sure that you control the information that comes up on top.

    Here are three things to know about when optimizing your website.

    Make a list of targeted Keyword phrases.

    After you have made your list of possible keyword phrases narrow down the list to the phrases that you really want to target. Use keyword research tools to find the keyword phrases that will be most worth your time to go after.

    Create an optimized page for each keyword phrase on your list.

    Many people trying to rank high in the search engines make the mistake of trying to optimize for too many keywords on any one page. It is a better strategy to just stick with optimizing for one keyword phrase per page.

    Obtain quality backlinks to each of your pages.

    The third and most important step in ranking high in the search engines is to obtain links from outside sites. The more links the better, but you should focus your efforts on sites that themselves have many links pointing to them, because the search engines place higher value on links from those sites.

  • Google Adwords can cause you to experience a flood of traffic in record time.

    Generating traffic to your site has never been easier or more cost effective than using Google Adwords. There is no other offering that will generate traffic as quickly as this one. We don't have enough time to discuss all of the benefits of this service so here are only a few of the key benefits of Google Adwords.

          * AdWords gives excellent brand exposure.

          * Lets you drive traffic to your web site rapidly.

          * Lets you target your market precisely.

          * Provides a strong marketing advantage.

          * Control your costs carefully.

    If you are interested in knowing more about Google Adwords and the costs associated with starting a campaign, contact George directly at 604-626-7576. Thanks!

  • Social media has become far more than making friends and keeping in touch.

    The world of Social Media can be a scary and confusing place. Just as you think you've nailed the 'Like' and 'Tweet', something else comes along and complicates everything. It's just not enough to set up an account and to expect immediate results. Used in the right way it can be an incredibly cost effective way of getting your name out to the masses. It's easier than ever to start an overnight phenomenon and we can help push your brand across the web and help measure and gauge it's success.

    The greatest strength of Social Media as a marketing tool is the way that social media sites encourage interaction between users. People can talk to you, or to one another about your product and the discussion can be joined by anyone. With the right management your Social Media presence can help you increase the number of potential customers for your business whilst simultaneously enabling your existing ones to identify more clearly with your business and your brand.

  • Content is critical to the success of a Website.

    Websites are nothing but online shops selling products and services. Unless you have a well-informed salesman who informs the buyers about the products and services your store is offering, the customers won't feel encouraged to visit that store to buy products. In the online world, your web content plays the role of a salesman.

    It is very important to have professionally written website content that gives accurate information about your products and services. Also, you web content must convince your customers as to why you are better than your competitors.

    Well written content can generate extra organic traffic to your site.

    It must have important keywords relating to your products or service. Our writers know how to weave keywords in the content to give your business the SEO advantage. Impressing the search engines is very important as 80% of your web traffic comes from search engines.

    Your web content must have the right blend of marketing tone and correct information that encourages the customers to take action.

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