Need help making changes or updates to your existing website?

    Once registered with Local Web Guys, we can correct errors or add text in minutes. We can fix most problems, we can also make layout changes, add or change hyperlinks, or make complete makeovers to your site. Whatever your online needs are we can help!



    Maintenance Plans are great for those looking to have there site updated more frequently. ----- Custom Plans are also available!

    Local Web Guys currently offers two maintenance packages, should neither of these packages fit your needs we would be able to provide you with a custom maintenance package that would.


    No Contracts - We Offer Pre Paid or Pay as You Go Plans!

    For your convenience we accept Credit Card Payments!

  • Single site updates are available when you only need to make updates or revisions once in a long while.

    If you need a few changes to your site done and not an ongoing relationship, then the Single Website Update may be for you. We're confident that after trying our services, you'll be encouraged to try one of our Plans.

    One of the main keys to having a good site is freshness! When the information and content of your site is updated and changed on a regular basis, it gives the visitors a reason to come back time after time.

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    How our web site maintenance plans work.

    1. We Get Your Site Ready to Roll!

    We'll check your site, back it up and install traffic monitoring so you can gauge your progress. If we notice any technical, usability, or search engine problems we'll fill you in.

    2. Send us an Update Request.

    Your Update Request should contain a list of content changes you want made on your website.

    3. We Process your Update Request.

    Our technical team reviews your Update Request and implements the changes.

    4. Review the Changes.

    If your prefer to review the changes before your updated site goes live, that's no problem!

    5. Enjoy!

    Your site is updated and your customers are noticing.


    Let's Get Started!

    When you fill out our request for a quote form, we will get back to you quickly with an estimated cost for your project based on your specific needs. Since every project is unique, we need to know exactly what you are looking to have created. The more information you provide, the more accurate our estimate will be. If we have any suggestions that we think might help you as well, we'll let you know.

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